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Best Cargo Service in UK for Shipping to Srilanka

No matter how much money you have, surely you don’t want to waste it. AtoZ Srilanka Courier always do care about your all needs and demands which is why we offer the cheapest online rates for cargo to Sri Lanka from all over the UK. But the theory said if you spent a small amount forget about the quality while if you want the best services probably it could drain a huge amount of money from your wallet.

Well, here is a good news for you. AtoZ Srilanka Courier is the only cargo company who provides you with matchless services in lowest possible rates.

Air cargo service for Sri Lanka from the UK

AtoZ Srilanka Courier always do care about its customer's ease and requirements, we offer the most reliable air cargo service in competitive charges. Our aim is to build a relation of trust and reliability with our customers instead of running a business.

Which is why our air cargo to Sri Lanka services are way better than all our rivals and competitors as they are doing business and we are serving our customers. AtoZ Srilanka Courier has the largest freight forwarding schedule and we provide flawless safe and swift delivery as per our promise.

Sea shipping for Sri Lanka from the UK

If you are not in so much hurry it is suggested to send your cargo from sea cargo service. There are many reasons but the biggest one is, rates for this facility. Though there is a drawback of shipping duration in sea cargo service still, it really is the most economical way to send cargo to Sri Lanka from the UK.

And when you are sending your cargo by AtoZ Srilanka Courier 's sea cargo service, you are going to pay lowest charges for sending cargo to Sri Lanka as it is not possible to find any other way for shipping stuff to Sri Lanka in that amount.

Sending parcels to Sri Lanka through reliable hands

Our aim is to facilitate you on a maximum level with the best of our services. That's why AtoZ Srilanka Courier has a long list of services we provide our customers. Sending parcels to Sri Lanka from the UK is one of them.

Like other cargo companies we never refuse your expectations, we never disappoint you and we never say "NO" to our customers. We don't say "We are sorry, we do not ship small quantity, delicate items and glass containing things". Which shows the professional behaviour towards our work. If your parcel does not have any restricted and prohibited thing in it, consider that it is on its way to Sri Lanka from the time you start moving towards our site.

Door to Door Shipping from the UK to Sri Lanka

AtoZ Srilanka Courier is a reliable and independently owned cargo company based in the UK which provides excellent quality door to door cargo services to Sri Lanka. With AtoZ Srilanka Courier , you can send your shipment from your door to any address in Sri Lanka on a specific schedule and without any damage. Valuing your time and satisfaction, we will leave no stone unturned to give you a hassle-free experience. Call us at your earliest convenience to book your door to door service.

Extensive Knowledge in Handling Cargo

Cargo experts at AtoZ Srilanka Courier are well trained and possess an extensive knowledge in this field. That is why we are able to provide a tailor-made solution for our customers through our bespoke cargo services.

Our door to door cargo service is designed to take your stress away by shipping your cargo from your door to Sri Lanka. With AtoZ Srilanka Courier , you can be sure of an on-time and safe delivery every time.

Your Cargo is Our Responsibility

When you trust us to ship your cargo from the UK to Sri Lanka, we consider it an obligation to take care of its safety and ship it on time. Our dedicated staff handles your cargo with the utmost care and all the precautionary measures are taken to ensure safe and secure delivery to the address provided by you.

Price for Cargo to Sri Lanka

No matter you are using air cargo service or sea cargo, AtoZ Srilanka Courier assure you the most competent and lowest possible rates ever for our all cargo services. Cargo charges are not just the fuel price of plane or ship but it includes many other charges as well.

However, there is a method to calculate the actual amount of your cargo excluding other charges. First of all measure the height, width and depth of your cargo and multiply them with each other. With this, you get cubic feet measurement of your shipment. Now divide it with the weight of your cargo.

Measurements should be calculated in inches while use pound unit for weight. Now you have an accurate pound per cubic foot. Multiply it with the rate of Cargo Company and what you get is the exact amount of your cargo charges.

Why Choose AtoZ Srilanka Courier ?

AtoZ Srilanka Courier is your ideal go-to place for sending cargo to Sri Lanka for a number of reasons. At AtoZ Srilanka Courier you get flexible solutions to your needs at cheapest online rates. Despite cost-effectiveness, we never make you experience delays or any inconvenience.

In addition, you will get customer care of the first standard and the luxury of tracking your shipment from your door to destination in Sri Lanka. Our customer support service is available 24/7 to provide you with information about our services.

Instruction for packing your cargo

No matter how good cargo service is, if your packing and packing material is not appropriate you might face the problem. To pack your cargo properly here are few worthy words.

  • Always use a good and reliable packing material
  • Do not use any metallic material in packing
  • Customs officers can check your stuff so it is suggested to not to pack your cargo so tightly
  • Keep an eye on packing size and weight of your cargo
  • In case of delicate items, use bubble wrapping paper around your stuff
  • In case of any oily or liquid stuff, use waterproof packing material initially

Informative tips for sending cargo to Sri Lanka from the UK

There is an appropriate way for everything and so do send cargo has. Here are few informative tips for sending cargo to Sri Lanka which surely will be helpful for you.

  • You should know what is restricted and prohibited to send Sri Lanka
  • Always try to use lightweight packing material
  • It is suggested to use sea cargo service if you want to save money only if you are not in hurry to send your cargo to Sri Lanka
  • You can save few more bucks if you use a door to door cargo service
  • Always compare cargo companies before hiring one for sending cargo to Sri Lanka
  • If you are sending a huge quantity of some of your stuff which is less than a container goes with sharing. Share a container rather hire FCL facility
  • Always select a company who offer you cargo tracking facility
  • Go with the company who provide cargo insurance facility
  • Always select one who has good reviews about delivery
  • Do not reuse packing material
  • Try not to send prohibited and restricted stuff at all
  • Use plastic or hardboard packing material if you want to send knives, scissors or any other thing like that
  • Powdered stuff should be pack in strong plastic bags
  • Always use strong tape for packing
  • Write delivery address and other contact details clearly

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